September was another demanding month for 3D printing and the Medical Device Industry. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights of what happened last month from new patents to advances in 3D printing and design.

Band-LOK Announces Allowance For Two New U.S Patents For The Tether Clamp And Implantation System.

Band-LOK, LLC, an orthopedic medical device innovation firm focusing on band technologies for surgical applications, announced that two new patents have been allowed by the USPTO on the proprietary Tether Clamp and Implantation System. The technology is a clamp housing assembly and method for providing stabilization as a bone anchor during an orthopedic surgical procedure. It includes a housing, a locking element, as well as a band.

3D Design and 3D Printing Enhance Creation of Patient-Specific Titanium Jaw Implants

The most common metal of choice for 3D printing medical implants is titanium due to its low density and high strength. It has been used various times to fabricate 3D printed jaw implants. A new generation of subperiosteal implants, known as AMSJI (Additively Manufactured Subperiosteal Jaw Implant) was particularly highlighted in a recent case study. This jaw implant has the possibility of making life much better for people who suffer from extreme maxillary atrophy. Surgery for this implant only takes an hour and is customizable for patients.

3D Printed Models Help Surgeons Work on Kids’ Slipped Femurs

In children, the amount of detail for patients undergoing hip surgeries is greater and it is more crucial to achieve optimal results because patients are more likely to want to do things like jump, run, and swim for many years to come. At the University of California San Diego, clinical researchers wanted to see whether using 3D printed bone models would speed up surgery times. A study conducted revealed that pre-surgical planning time was reduced from 45 to 38 minutes when using a 3D printed model.


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