Design for Manufacturing Medical Devices

Design for Manufacturing, or DFM, is an important principle in medical device product development that enables considerations from the manufacturing process to drive optimal feature design regarding material, geometry, tooling, methods, injection, and more.

More broadly speaking, the term DFX includes considerations for more than just manufacturing but assembly, packaging, cost, testing, quality, reliability, maintenance, supply chain, sustainability, etc. Our manufacturing and product development teams are conscious of these concerns and targets where appropriate on the product, project, or customer. We are used to integrating DFx considerations and it is second nature to our product development teams.

Integration, early and often, during the product development process

Kapstone’s belief for product development is to include various resource skillsets, more than just design engineering, in the NPD process. Inserting a DFX mentality early and often enables the project team to account for appropriate considerations before it gets too late in the process.

With manufacturing, quality, regulatory, and supply chain personnel involved, we can address:

  • Design for Manufacture
  • Design for Assembly
  • Design for Manufacture & Assembly
  • Design for Package
  • Design for Cost
  • Design for Testing
  • Design for Maintenance
  • Design for Supply Chain
  • Design for Reliability
  • Design for Quality

Our experience with this integration leads to higher chances of a better product design, fewer project delays, less product and operations cost, and increased efficiency before and after product launch.

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