Medical Device Strategy for OEMs

Kapstone Medical has decades of experience developing business strategies for companies of all sizes. Although we work globally, our focus for business strategy is to assist companies outside of the U.S.A. to craft a viable strategy for market entry into the country. We also have helped numerous U.S.-based startups to develop their own strategy specific to their technology and company dynamics. We utilize common tools for each engagement, but every strategy is unique and custom-fit to the client.

Conducting Medical Device Market Research

The process involved in creating and selling new medical devices is typically a highly complex and risky venture. That is why conducting careful, systematic and thorough market research is necessary to minimize the risks and allow companies to launch their products successfully. We don’t just regurgitate market research data; we apply critical thinking together with our extensive base of firsthand knowledge of the market to offer actionable insight.

Selecting a Business Model

Medical device business strategy can sometimes feel reactive. You’re reacting to new competitors, reacting to patient and provider experiences, reacting to supply chain challenges, and more. You may feel like your business constantly has to pivot for reasons that are outside your control.

By addressing a series of core questions, we can help you take a more proactive approach and establish a business model that is right for your product, customer, and economic goals.

Defining Your Cost Model

Your cost model should work in tandem with your business model to accomplish your market goals without sacrificing economic viability or liquidity. A successful cost model will take into account the cost of manufacturing, cost of doing business, research and development costs, and many others. Balancing all costs while mitigating business risk and increasing enterprise value is our focus. And because we have decades of experience in all areas of product realization, Kapstone is uniquely positioned to add insight in this area.

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