Stay up to date with the latest medical device manufacturing news. Here’s a recap while you were getting a start on the New Year with some of the top stories in the manufacturing and the MedTech world. Here’s what you missed last month:

1. The Best of 2016: 5 Steps Manufacturers Must Take Now

Today’s medical devices connect to each other and to hospital networks in more ways than ever, but while this connectivity has great benefits for both patients and healthcare workers, there are also great risks to consider. Medical device developers must now consider cybersecurity, even if the device can’t harm patients directly. Cyber-attacks on the medical/healthcare sector account for 42.5% of reported data breaches and cybersecurity is now an ongoing balancing act. There are steps of cybersecurity at each phase of product development that medical device manufacturers can take to protect themselves and their users.

2. The #1 Thing You Should Know from the 2017 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

To understand the future of the U.S. healthcare industry, the #1 lesson is to ‘follow the money’ and the place to do that was at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. There was an estimated 4,000 people who attended the conference made up of top executives from more than 450 companies in the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and technology fields.

Some of the top trends that shape how money is flowing include the Affordable Care Act, geographic expansion and increased access to care, and the growth of value-based contracts. These trends and many others were all topics discussed in the conference.

3. The 2017 MD&M West Conference is Set to Provide Insight into the Latest MedTech Breakthroughs

The 32nd Annual Medical Design and Manufacturing West Conference is considered the nation’s most comprehensive advanced manufacturing event. It was held in Anaheim, CA and touched base on industries like robotics, design, electronics, manufacturing, packaging and plastics. Also, included in the conference, were various discussions and presentations that covered the most demanding and innovative topics in the MedTech field.

Each day featured a new conference that focused on product development and design, specifically covering topics like medical device requirements, sensors, and value-based healthcare. The MD&M conference once again offered a great opportunity to learn and share information about upcoming and evolving medical technologies.


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