February was a busy month for the MedTech world. From the FDA approval of a 3D printed cranial implant to the evolution of the Medical Device Industry in 2017, here is a quick recap of what you missed last month in the Medical Device Industry in February:

1. Top Medical Device Trends for 2017

The Medical Device Industry is changing and at a quick pace! From the rise of bioelectronics to the partnership of Pharma and MedTech; the Medical Device Industry is quickly making a space for themselves in the future of medicine. One of the top medical device trends for 2017 includes the growing concern of cybersecurity. With cybersecurity continuing to be an ongoing issue, medical devices will not be able to become a therapy of choice until physicians and patients can feel safe and secure using them. Other trends include fostering collaborative care, robotic surgeons, and artificial organs.

2. FDA Approves OSSDsign’s 3D Printed Cranial Implant

The Uppsala, Sweden-based designer, manufacturer, and distributor has received FDA approval for their new cranial implant. The implant uses an innovative and patented composite material that is printed to exact patient needs with a 3D printer. OSSDsign combines advanced computer-based design (CAD) with a proprietary calcium phosphate composite as a 3D printing material, which is reinforced by a titanium skeleton. The cranial implant has been used in Scandinavia and other European countries since 2014.

3. Continuing Challenges Facing IP Valuation For Medical Device Innovations

An industry analysis by Grant Moss of Adapt IP Ventures suggests that IP values within the Medical Device Industry appear to be declining. The analysis suggests that increasing IP values will face continuing challenges in the coming year. Some key points in the report include: the process of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act will continue to produce market uncertainty, an environment of declining royalty rates will drive more complex deal structures, and licensors who can strike multiple license agreements generally can command above average royalty rates.

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