From 3D printed light receptors for prosthetic vision devices to $10 3D ultrasound chips and 3D printing for spinal cord injuries to 3D printed model body parts, a lot went on in the month of December. Here is a quick overview of what you missed:

AI, robotic surgery among top 10 medical innovations of 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotic surgery, and 3D printing are among the top 10 medical innovations from the Cleveland Clinic. Other innovations included in the top 10 medical innovations list is virtual and mixed reality used for medical education, RNA-based therapies, and visors for prehospital hemorrhage scanning in stroke diagnosis.

3d printed organs heart3D Printing Implants and Organs is the New Reality

Technology is now at the forefront of driving innovation and reducing costs in the healthcare industry. One of the latest technologies making a great impact is 3D printing. It is having a significant impact in the healthcare industry because of its rapid increase in quality and popularity. 3D printing has evolved from simple prosthetics to models of functioning human hearts.


3D Printed Microfluidic Device Offers Alternative for Personalized Cancer Treatment

Researchers at MIT have developed a low-cost, 3D-printed device that can be used for testing cancer treatments on tumors. The device is capable of simulating cancer treatments on biopsied tumor tissue which may make it easier for medical professionals to test how a patient will respond to a cancer treatment before it is administered.

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