The month of April was another busy one, especially in the Medical Device industry! April was jam packed with news about the latest outlook of the medical design and manufacturing fields, the advancements of 3D printing technology in surgical training, and the key risks in product development. So, in case you missed it, here are a few highlights of medical device news from April. 

2017 medical design and manufacturing outlook 

To continue its consistent growth, the medical device market must constantly adapt to changes in the MedTech industry. Entering 2017, there is a demand for more advanced, personalized treatments and an increased availability of healthcare. Advancements in the medical landscape require accelerated design and production to get products to the market quickly and efficiently. Indicators show a continuing growth in the global market for medical device outsourcing and as the market continues to grow, there is also a continual investment in advanced manufacturing technologies.

3D Printing Helps Surgeons Sharpen Their Craft

 Three-dimensional models that are based on real human cases are providing a rare opportunity to practice skills that belong to some of the most advanced surgeons. The University of Michigan is not turning to 3D printing for surgical training to advance the quality of care. Researchers say, the lifelike three-dimensional models are providing a cost-efficient tool that will help improve practical experience in surgical trainees.

The 5 Risks of Product Development

The amount of risks that is related to setting a product development and R&D strategy and budget is huge. Other risks to consider come with developing, testing, and launching each project investment. The five key risk types have been narrowed down to strategic risk, product portfolio risk, technical risk, supply chain risk, and talent risk. While manufacturing risk would have once been considered to be a part of the five key risks, it has now been broken down into technical risk and supply chain risk.


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