3D printing is continuing to make major steps in the healthcare and MedTech Industry. From creating high business value in the Healthcare Industry and revolutionizing personalized healthcare, 3D printing is continuing to make a major impact in healthcare. Here’s what you missed in additive manufacturing in the month of December:

3D printing medical devices adding high business value to the Healthcare Industry

The global 3D printing medical device market is projected to grow from 762.0 million to 2,469.0 million by 2023. The 3D printing medical devices market is mainly driven by the growing demand for customization of medical solutions. 3D printing in the healthcare industry is used to manufacture medical devices. These devices include complex features that match a patient’s unique anatomy and helps in reducing surgery time and decreases risk of infections.

The Future of Advanced Manufacturing: Design for 3D Printing and Implementation of Digital Factories

3D printing is still in the early days with respect to the impact that it can deliver technologically and conceptually. The 3D printing community has grown exponentially since it was invented in 1983. The evolution of 3D printed technology is now helping power the world of manufacturing, creating new jobs, and increasing innovation globally. Companies are embracing the complexity of design with 3D printed devices.

3D Printing and Personalized Healthcare is Here to Stay!kap wym dec.png

When a 3D printed titanium sternum implant provided custom care to a cancer patient, it wasn’t jut an impressive medical achievement for the books, it became a source of inspiration to others afflicted by similar conditions. 3D printing is leading to unprecedented personalization of healthcare, as unique geometries can be created to precisely fit individual anatomy. The advances that are possible through additive manufacturing in hospitals and healthcare settings are cutting-edge.


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