August was another busy month for the Medical Device Industry and 3D printing is continuing its evolution in the healthcare industry. Here is a quick look of what happened last month from 3D printing and robotic surgery to the transformation of biomedical research and healthcare.

Dubai doctors save woman's life with 3D printed technology

In Dubai, a 60-year-old woman who suffered from a cerebral aneurysm was saved with the help of a custom 3D-printed model. After suffering from severe bleeding in the brain due to a cerebrovascular disorder, the woman was admitted to the hospital where doctors discovered cerebral aneurysm’s in four veins. Using a 3D model of the patient’s brain, the doctors were able to understand and determine the safest way to reach the arteries. The doctor stated that without the 3D model the surgery would have taken longer and the risk would have been higher.

How 3D printing is transforming biomedical research and healthcare

Healthcare is believed to be one among the fields that could see a significant impact from 3D printing and additive manufacturing. The use of 3D printed technology is expanding and techniques are being explored for fabricating tissues and organs. Organ printing could provide a possible solution for the global shortage of donor organs. Organs and body parts that have been successfully printed and implemented in a clinical setting include skin, blood vessels, or hollow organs like the bladder. Further, more complex, research is being conducted for the use of other 3D printed body parts.

3D printing and robot surgery to help achieve ‘more for less’

According to a new report, 3D-printed devices are one of the top innovations that could help to achieve “more for less” in healthcare. Medical innovations like 3D printing and robotic surgery are showing the potential to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. New opportunities for innovation are being created with these types of medical technology that will assist in cutting costs.


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