While you were busy drawing up your latest medical device invention during the month of January, here are a few interesting industry stories you may have missed:

FDA Publishes Priorities for 2015

The FDA’s Center for Device and Radiological Health (CDRH) issued a list of guidance documents slated for 2015 publishing. A full list of Final Guidance Topics and Draft Guidance topics can be found at the link above.

Off the 3D Printer, Practice Parts for the Surgeon

Stories of milestone advances in healthcare and surgery continue to develop nationwide and around the world, thanks to 3D printing. This story, which inspired Team Kapstone during the month of January, highlights how 3D printing is changing a child’s life, a surgeon’s work, and in turn, the long-term health outcomes of people everywhere.

FDA Distinguishes Wearable Gadgets from Medical Devices

With the surging popularity of wearable health gadgets, especially after the 2014 holiday season, the FDA has published regulations for “general wellness devices”, which are not “medical devices”.

Medical Device Tax Stories Top the News in January 2015

The conversation about the Medical Device Tax has been a consistent topic of conversation throughout the month of January. MassDevice.com tackles some of the top article as part of the conversation.

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