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Protect Your Idea With “IP Fit” & Create Value

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Powerful Intellectual Property protection has an enormous impact on the value of an invention. It alone can turn an invention into a highly profitable venture. To address this key point, Kapstone has developed “IP Fit,” an innovative proprietary method designed as a step-by-step guide to IP protection and value creation.

“IP Fit” is the solution of choice for those looking for a highly efficient and cost-effective way to orchestrate inventors’ IP strategy and start building a valuable IP Portfolio.

The Kapstone process integrates IP review with product development, enabling inventors and the development team to have a deeper and ongoing understanding of the relevant IP landscape and make calculated design decisions.

Whether you develop internally, with Kapstone, or with another partner, our approach to IP provides you with an awareness of IP issues that is in context with where you are in the commercialization path.

“I am confident that our engineering and IP expertise, combined with our distinctively business-minded focus, makes Kapstone the solution of choice for physicians and manufacturers looking to efficiently develop, commercialize, and maximize the competitive value of their creative ideas.”

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17 Mar, 15



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