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John Kapitan A Word from the Founder – Spring 2015

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Over the years, we have experienced sustained growth – successfully building a team of engineers who are not only experienced, but are also tenacious out-of-the-box thinkers. As with many organizations, the basis of our value comes from our collective intellectual capital found within the team. Working with Kapstone, our customers leverage this capital to create rapid, customized, end-to-end solutions to their most challenging needs.

Last year we incorporated IP strategy into our product offering as you will read about inside this newsletter. We also made a major push on the marketing front by completely redesigning our website and jumping in with both feet into social media. This has allowed us a new platform through which to serve our existing and future customers by sharing our knowledge and point of view.

One of our major initiatives this year is all about partnerships. In particular, we are focused on finding key strategic partners within the focus areas of additive manufacturing (3D printing) and patient-centered design. One of those partners, highlighted on the next page, is Materialise. As a world leader in additive manufacturing software solutions and 3D printing services, Materialise provides important resources to complement Kapstone’s processes, knowledge base and network in order to create a powerful offering for our customers.

We have ambitious goals for ourselves, but we have the intense vision and resources to achieve them. Kapstone is ideally positioned to keep delivering solutions to the ever-evolving medical device market and we look forward to helping each of you realize your goals.

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18 Mar, 15



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